About us

Design26 offers sophisticated versatile clothing with a fashionable designer label. All items are exclusively custom made to celebrate your special occasions. The shop is a place where we give special attention and fashion advice that meets your style and tells your story.

Design26 fashion is verstile, vintage inspired coupled with our custom-made special occasion dress services. It is all about convenience and making your fairy tale come to life.  The garments are designed to make women feel comfortable, sophisticated and stylish.  A mix of styles, colours, patterns and prints. The range is inspired by the owner’s late mother who was born in the 1950’s when women expressed fashion boldly.

As a teenage girl, Suraya was never interested in design and manufacturing a fashion label but had the flair of a fashionista,  It was always a dream of her late mother who was a renowned designer and dressmaker in her local community that she takes over and follow in her mothers’ footsteps. Like any headstrong teenager she pursued a career in the corporate world. It was only after the passing of her mother and three months later her brother when she discovered her true gift and talent through making special occasion dresses for family and friends. “To Be Born With A Gift So Talented Yet Certified By God”.  With this in mind, she reincarnates a dream and hope to open her own boutique where she can give her customers the feel of being in their own closet.

Losing her mother played an enormous role in how Suraya life and appreciate people by sharing her love and passion to inspire other women to be confident and feel good about themselves not just with what they are wearing but how they carry themselves because “She Cares What You Wear”  The name Design Twenty Six signify her birth date and the number of exclusive garments per style being manufactured.  Suraya believes that every women has the right to look and feel beautiful irrespective of her financial status.

"I want my customers to feel the way I did when I finished my first design. I felt totally amazed and blessed and simply wanted to cry seeing my hard work and ideas coming into fruition"
Suraya Williams